Laura and I have been working extremely hard over the past 6 months to build our new online Gallery and specialized crystal Store.

Artworks and sculptures will being uploaded weekly from this point onwards at Exhale Art Gallery


The gallery was born to best encapsulate the result one finds when a creative thought turns into an art form. It is akin to the inhale that transpires into the exhale.


it is the heart-guided collaboration of Aaron and Laura Metz.

Who is aaron k metz

Aaron balances the cerebral with the heart in all of his creations. He uses his extensive knowledge of product and technique within a completely ardent and meditative state of being


We specialize in pure gypsum crystal known also known as “Selenite Ice”

We personally source, transport, river clean, sun and moon bath our selenite respectfully, responsibly and legally from our private sites in Mexico, USA and Morocco.


Now more than ever, we are learning of how much an impact our environment and spaces we spend time in have on our health. Our minds and souls crave a natural balance.

I AM celebrating my journey working with this gypsum crystal (Selenite Ice) through the rebirth of the Selenite Series which was born 6 years ago to create an energetic grid connecting each of us with the Earth to help assist in softening and bringing balance through these crystalline artworks.