Each print is designed through fine art macro photography of our 1 of a kind, custom painted mineral & ink infused resin designs that have led lighting built into them,  giving an illumination that couldn't be duplicated by any external lighting.

Our prints are based on styles that push the boundaries of traditional art, expressing it in a way that no 'paint on canvas' could accomplish. As such, it's a 'printmaking process', with the final 'result' only existing as a limited edition of 50.


Our prints are created using the most modern print technologies and highest quality materials available. The results are spectacular and ground breaking in their artistic expression. We only offer the most popular 'Face Mount Acrylic' on metallic paper resulting in a luxurious print designed to fit into any home design. 


Our Facemount Acrylics create a 3d floating effect when hanging from the wall, and provide a real ‘wow’ appeal.

We print on premium metallic paper with the highest definition giclee print technology available to create ultra rich colours that really ‘pop’. This is accentuated by the 3mm museum grade plexiglass acrylic laminated to the paper front, with a diamond polished bevelled edge. Behind is an aluminum e-panel sheet, and onto this is mounted an aluminium c-bar hanging system inset from the edges. This provides a secure hanging mechanism which facilitates hanging in any orientation and provides an elegant floating look.

The adhesive Facemount film contains UV stabilizers so the glue won't yellow and colours will remain vivid for years to come.

* Printing on Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl paper
* Facemounting on 3mm plexi 
* Mounting plexi on aluminum e-panel/Dibond 
* Routered edges 
* C-Bar hanging system (images float 1.25" off the wall)

Your acrylic facemount can be cleaned with a soft cloth and water. Do not use window/glass cleaner. Ensure the cloth is free of debris that might scratch the plexiglass. If you feel you need more than water, cleaners especially for acrylic glass can be found online and in certain stores. 

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