Aaron & Laura's place

Olivia came to visit us on her 22nd birthday!

Olivia, Ethan & Sedona

Olivia, Ethan & Sedona

Olivia & Laura


Video walkaround our yard

Video walkaround our yard

Video of Laura's gardens

Video of our house and the South Okanagan valley

Our house & yard

Another view of our house & yard

Farm shed

Robin nest with 3 blue eggs under our deck

In ground water taps for our sprinklers.

Trickle runs throughout our yard. Cleaning and fixing these reminds me of learning how to from you Grandpa.

5 acre cherry orchard attached to our property. Cherries are just starting to colour.

All the flowers and plants around our yard remind me of all your beautiful flowers around your house growing up. I have so many fond memories of photographing and studying them all.