This is a 1 of a kind solid ice selenite crystal & resin tabletop and sugar maple live edge base with handpainted gold accents.


I personally travelled to a private selenite mine in Jalisco Mexico where I hand picked the slab of ice selenite to create this stunning table.


The table top is 100+lbs of pure ice selenite crystal with non-toxic resin, hints of gold pigments and turquoise tinted resin river.


     The live edge base is hand crafted from a sugar maple tree planted in the Okanagan Valley of BC Canada by my Great Grandpa before going off to the war. This tree was felled and kiln dried in the 90's to later be created into this special table base.

     The organic worm etching in the wood has been meticulously hand painted with gold for a luxurious accent.


This piece is available for international shipping.

Shipping fee will be added to the total price oncethe final destination is set.

Ice Selenite Crystal Live Edge Table

  • Serial number: #EXHALEART436

    Tabletop dimensions:

    20" x 72" x 1.75" thick - 150lbs

    Base dimensions:

    28" height x 51 5/8" length x 12" wide - 50lbs



    *I declare that all copyrights are retained by AARON K METZ and EXHALE ART GALLERY, and that this artwork cannot be reproduced without consent from the artist.


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