During a Total Solar Eclipse, the Sun, Moon, and Earth will be in complete alignment. The three cosmic forces, the holy trinity of our Universe, will come together as one, almost like a grand reset that will help to bring about the start of a new cycle.

Eclipses usher in external change but they also usher internal change within the mind


This is a 10"x10" hand painted acrylic cosmos painting; infused with the purest selenite crystals which are hand harvested ethically in Jalisco Mexico and have been lab tested showing these minerals emit extremely high levels of negative ions which are shown to increase seratonin levels making you feel great and they also aborb electromagetic radiation which helps cleanse, protect, relax, and encourage dreamstate.


This piece has subtle photoluminescent pigments used which can glow for up to 8 hours once charged for 15-30 mins.





    DIMENSIONS: 10”X 10”X0.75”



    ¾” maple wood panel

    GOLDEN® GAC100

    Black gesso

    CRYSTALS: Ice Selenite

    Pinata Alcohol Inks & Liquid Gold

    Photoluminescent pigments




    YEAR: 2019

    COUNTRY: Canada

    WEBSITE: www.aaronkmetz.com

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