"I am lucky enough to say I wake up every morning to a piece of Aaron's magic art right by my bedside. It's stunning to look at, cosmic enregetically, a nd it's infused with crystals and layers, which gives it such dimension and energy. Treat yourself to this man's gift! You won't regret it."

Lee Harris Energy

"I've had one of Aaron's paintings in my entrance for quite some time and I love how it acts as a cleaner to absorb energy and transmute it. I recently added "Embryo" to my collection. I first had it in my bedroom for 1 month and for the 1st time in a long time, had such good sleeps. It now resides in my living room, keeping the energy high vibe. Thank you so much for following your heart and creating masterpieces that look beautiful and keep the energy beautiful."

Laurie Morningstar

"The artwork of Aaron K Metz brings so much more than beauty into my home; it uplifts, inspires and radiates an incredible sense of peace and harmony to the entire space. The work becomes a part of your family. "

Gillianne Richards

"I cannot explain how much love I have for this piece, I nearly cried!
Thankyou so so much for creating such beautiful work, your energy really shines through.
Keep doing what your doing and thankyou for lighting up my life and bedroom with this!"


"Receiving your painting was better than Christmas. You are such a true artist. The way you wrapped it like the fine artifact that it is. I feel that I grossly underpaid you for the beautiful energy that you channeled into this piece. I can see the three dimensional energy that radiates out from it.

It's definitely a portal and right now reminds me of a crop circle. The more I sit with it, the more I'm drawn into it."


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